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Friday, August 5, 2011

Upcycling 101:

Board and Card Game Storage

What you will need:
plastic zipppered or snapped bag (the ones that come with sheets or curtins in them)
cardboard (the one that comes with the bag with the picture on it)
colored permanent markers
board games and/of playing cards

1. Take out the cardboard picture out of the plastic bag.

2. Use permanent colored markers to write a label for what is going into the bag on the back side of the cardboard label that came in the bag.

3. Put your newly made label back inside the plastic bag.
4. Put your cards into the bag with the appropriate label.

For games with boxes:
1. Cut the picture from the front cover of the box to fit inside the plastic bag.
2. Place newly cut picture inside plastic bag.
3. Put all game pieces inside appropriate bag.

This will give you great organization with the kids games and all their tiny pieces. My kids almost instantly destroy the boxes beyond repair, so these zippered and snapped bags came in handy, plus they were free!
Note: If you don't have the original box, Just have the kids draw a picture of the game and title on a pre-cut piece of cardboard.

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